Jbl headphones with bluetooth – 1st choice

Jbl headphones with bluetooth

Jbl headphones with bluetooth -1st choice
Jbl headphones with bluetooth -1st choice

Jbl headphones with bluetooth


Now we are here with another good Headphones . We have also select Sony headphones for you . But now we have select JBL Headphones for you . According to the brand you can’t ignore this headphone . Firstly we confuse a lot cause there are a lot of good Headphones in the market but after a long research we decide this Headphones . It’s available in three color . We used all three Headphones after that we select these headphones for you Hope you like our selection . If you like Sony than we also select Sony Headphones for you check here Sony Headphones  . According to the brand it’s price little bit high but it’s superb quality . It’s Bluetooth device so can’t worry about that . Now we show you the Headphones one by one . 

Jbl headphones with bluetooth
Jbl headphones with bluetooth



According to our team we can’t Suggest you these headphones if you love soothing songs cause it’s Base is high . JBL is best for those who like to sung party Song . So before you buying a headphones care about that . 

We select three Headphones of JBL . All are same features but present in different color . This is the first color . Rest are the Same Brand with same specification .  JBL Sound is completely different with Sony . Sony Headphones Sound be smooth and low base but JBL Headphones are different .It’s Sound  quality completely based on it’s Base but sweet . JBL Headphones best for those who like DJ Song . 


Why we select these Headphones ?


There a lot of Headphones Brand in India . So we can’t say these are the Best Headphones . But we care about those people who love to listen DJ song .If you like Classic songs or soothing song than according to our team Sony Headphones are Best for you . Our team research a lot for those people who love DJ songs so we are going to market for check best Headphones for  party lover . We try a lot of Brands also check with it’s all parameters but finally we like these three Headphones . Hope you like our selections . 


Can it integrated with Alexa or Google ?


No These three Headphones have not any Alexa or Google Assistant . So if you need Alexa or Google Assistant for your Headphones than These Headphones are not for you . we Select these Headphones cause of it’s Sound quality . 


Is there any Separate Connector or Wire to connect it to Laptop ?


It’s a Bluetooth Device so it’s Connect with only Bluetooth . You don’t need any Wire to connect it . But if you need a wired connection than Check our Another Headphone collection Which have wired Connections . 

Jbl headphones with bluetooth
Jbl headphones with bluetooth



That’s our second selection with same specification . These three are same with three different color . As we say you can’t ignore it if you have knowledge of sound quality . It’s sound same as upper headphone . If you are crazy about DJ song than this Headphones suits you . But if you love sweet and smooth song than buy Our Sony Headphones as we select for you buy a lot of research . But if you have a party lover than JBL is the best Headphones for you . 


Does it have noise cancellation ?


As our team say it has a Extra Bass . So without noise cancellation you can’t enjoys it’s sound in a perfect manner . We check it’s sound in both medium low and high so don’t worry it’s sound is too good . There are some echo in the upper node of sound but it’s little bit echo . At the end we say it has a noise cancellation which make it’s  sound more entertaining . If you have any quarry than contact JBL Team . 

is It  foldable and water proof  ? 


Yes it’s Foldable . You can fold it and holding in the packets . But if you think it’s water proof than you wrong . It is not water proof product . If you want a water proof headphones than these headphones not for you . we select these headphone cause it’s sound quality . All has a great sound quality . Hope your doubt may be clear . 

Jbl headphones with bluetooth
Jbl headphones with bluetooth


These three are our selection for you . All are same Headphones with different color . You can buy with your own choice . But as our team suggest you if you have DJ Lover than buy these Headphones cause the Base is too high . I think This Headphones made for only DJ Lover . But if you love to listen Sweet song or classical song than you go with Sony Headphones . So you have to select Headphones According to your Choice . 

Now we are going to tell you the features of these three Headphones . 


JBL T460BT available with Extra Bass on Ear Headphones . 

It’s weight 145 g . So it’s not much Heavy . 

You can operate with Audio player , Laptop , Mobile , Tablet . 


Microphone also available with the Headphones so don’t worry about that . 

It’s Battery Life Approx 11 Hours . So you can use it anywhere without any problem . 


If you have no any idea about Headphones than simply you know that what type of music you like to listen  firstly decide . If you than think about Brand . Don’t go with local Headphones .Local Headphones have a voltage issue and also materials are not too good . So we suggest you go with only Branded Headphones . There are a lot of different brand available in the market but according to our experience we suggest you to go with Sony or JBL Brand . Because we use almost all Headphone but we satisfied only these two brand . So you select headphones with your own Choice .  


Sony Vs JBL Which One is Batter 


Both are best . But buy with your own choice as if you love soothing song than you go with Sony Headphones . It’s Base is Lite and smooth . It’s Gives you lovely sound but if you love Hard Song or a party Lover than Sony Base is not too good with these sound than you go with JBL . Both are best with own property it’s completely depend on your choice . Hope your doubt may be clear now . 

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