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                                             geyser with price

geyser with price
geyser with price

If you want to know about Geyser than you came into the right place. We know you have a lot of questions about Geyser but don’t worry our team expert is here to solve your all doubts. We have a well-experienced team. We work in the field of sales and marketing. So we have an idea about the products. we are here to solve your confusion so without killing time lets started to tell about the Geyser. 


Which Geyser is the Best for me? 

If you have any idea about the Geyser then you surely know that  There are two types of Geyser present in the market. 


1. Electric Geyser. 


2. Gas Geyser. 


If you confuse which one is best for you. Then don’t worry we are here to solve your confusion. Both type of Geyser has own property. If you have a low budget then you go with electric Geyser another go with Gay Geyser. It’s our team expert advice. Know we are going to tell you the difference between Electric Geyser and Gas Geyser. 


Electric Geyser 


There are different capacities ( 1 litter, 3 litter, 6 litter ) Electric Geyser present in the market. It totally depends on your choice in which capacity Geyser suits you. Electric geyser takes time to heat the water. Its time depends on the Geyser. Some Geyser takes 15 minutes and some take 20 minutes. If you have confusion about the capacity than we clearly say that if you think you have a big family so you need to buy  6 litter Geyser than it’s not true. There is only one advantage of 6 litter Geyser it’s can’t take less time to head again Cause hot water present in the tank. 


Gas Geyser 


As Electric Geyser presents with difference Capacity. Same as Gas Geyser presents with different capacities. But our team always suggests you buy a Gay Geyser cause of it’s save your time your electric bill and also saves your Gas Tank life. As you know Electric Geyser take 15 to 20 minute to heat up the water but Gas geyser is so fast it needs only need to 2 to 3 minute to heat up the water. Gas Geyser always best as compare you Electric Gay it’s our Team advice and experience. 


Now we are going to show you our best Selected Geyser. Hope you like it. After long research you finally select these Geyser for you. 


Bajaj 15 Litter Vertical Water Heater, 3 Star 

geyser with price
geyser with price


In this Geyser you gave Fire Retardant Cable with 3 pin Plug. If you worry about the tank quality than you know it has a Glass-lined  Coated inner tank. After long research, we select this Geyser. There is a lot of good geysers present in the market so it’s not easy for us to select the best Geyser for you. But after long research, we finally decide this Geyser cause it’s economical and we are fully satisfied with its quality hope you like it. It’s Rated Pressure is 0.70 MPA. The main part it’s has 5 years tank warranty  And 2 years on product. This is the best geyser at an economical price. 


Now we are going to show you our other selection. All the Geyser which we select for you it’s fully checked by all parameters. We also compare these products with a similar product. So don’t worry our team selects only those products for you which personally we want to use in our daily life now check our other collection. 


Bajaj Flora instant 3 litter vertical Water Heater 

geyser with price
geyser with price

If you think to buy a quality Geyser than avoid local products. Local Geysers are cheap in price but they have a lake of knowledge about voltages or current so if you go with local Geyser than you face a lot of problems in the future Especially in the tank . So according to our team, you always go with Brands. Now we are going to discuss it’s some feature.


As we say it’s Capacity 3 litter.

You gave a free installation process with this Geyser. 

It provides a high pressure withstanding enabling to use in high – rise buildings. 

According to safety, it gives you multiple safety for protection against dry heating, overheating and overpressure.

It gives you Neon indicator for ‘ POWER ON ” and ‘ Heating ‘ 

Crompton 3 litter instant water heater 

geyser with price
geyser with price

If you have a low budget but you want to buy a good quality geyser then you go with this Geyser. Our team is fully satisfied with the quality of this Geyser. We think a lot before selecting this Geyser but after used this Geyser we fully satisfied with it. This is best for those who want a good quality Geyser at an economical price. Our team always recommends you if you low budget then is careful there are a lot of cheap Geyser in the market but they have a voltage fixing problem and also Tanks are insignificant so after a lot of research we finally got this Geyser which has perfect with both feature. So we also recommend you if you have a low budget then you buy this product it’s our team advice for you. 

It has capacity 3 Litter and power 3000 watts.

If you worry about warranty than it has 2 years warranty on this product. 

If you talk about its tank then you know it has a steel tank water heater with nano polymer-coated Tank. 

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