Price of washing machine fully automatic

If you want to buy a quality washing machine than you came into a right place . We know you have a lot of confusion about washing machine . But our team expert here to help you for buying a quality washing machine under your budget so without kill time we are going to explain all detail . 

How i select a best washing machine under my budget . 

Than our team always try to satisfied you with our answer . So if you go to market for buying a washing machine than firstly you decide which type of washing you like to buy as you to the market than two types of washing machines are there 

1. Semi – automatic 

2. Automatic . 

So if you have low budget then you go with semi automatic . But if you have handsome budget then you go with Automatic washing machine . If you have some confusion about these two . Then clear your all doubt semi – Automatic means it has a washer and a dryer . but in Automated both are integrated so you save electricity and not need to wash first the put into a dryer so it’s also save your time and energy . Hope you know what is Automatic and Semi Automatic . 

How we select washing machine for you . 

We have a team of sales and marketing . We have experience about the products . Our team always check all the products which is present in the market than after a long research we select some  best product which personally we like to use in our daily life . We always care about your budget so always try to select some some best product with minimum price . So if you came here for buying a high price washing machine than this blog is not for you . Now we are going to show you our selections . 

LG Top Loaded Washing Machine (Semi – Automatic )

If you think what is top loaded than don’t worry . Top loaded means it’s open door on the top . There are two type of load present in the market first Top loaded and secondly side loaded . But are best for you .But we recommend you go with Top loaded with under 20 k budget . If you have more than 20 k budget than go with side loaded another skip . 

This Washing machine gave three different type of wash programs ensuring a safe and customized wash for every fabric type .The lint filter always collect the fiber which come out while washing cloths .So the fibers do not stuck in the pipe , this gives a batter washing performance .It’s unique collar scrubber helps you scrub cuffs and collars ,All the features of this product are given in the user manual that comes with the product.This product comes ready to use and does not require intallations or demo .This is semi automatic top – loading washing machine .Capacity of this machine is 6.5 kg : Suitable for family with 3 to 4 members .If you worry about it’s spin than you must know it has 1300 RMP Spin .

Now we are going to show our another collect hope you like it. 


Samsung Top Loaded Washing Machine ( Automatic )

Our First choice  for you .

According to our team it’s very difficult to choose a quality washing machine because there are a lot of good quality washing machine present in the market . So we are very confuse which one we select . But after a long research finally we select this washing machine . We check this washing machine with all parameter really this product is one of the best product under 15 k .According to our team we recommend you to buy this washing machine it’s a expert team choice so if you want to go with our choice than always care about the features and must compare product with similar products . But don’t worry we have done all this method for you . 

Now we are going to tell you some important features of this washing machine you must read it . 

If you worry about warranty than it has 2 years warranty and also it’s motor has 2 year warranty . 

It’s maximum spin speed – 680 rat mash . According to us it’s a good speed . 

It’s 6 kg capacity mean to be clear if you have a big family like 8 to 9 person in family than according to our research it’s less capacity for you . But if you have 5 to 6 person family than it’s fit for you . 

Now we are going to show you our another collection hope you like our team work . 

Whirlpool Top Loaded Washing Machine ( Fully Automatic )  10 Year Motor warranty .

We know looks of this Washing machine is not good . But according to the quality this is the best . It’s also a top loaded washing machine . If you want to buy a side loaded washing machine than we say clearly we can’t think any side loaded is best under 15 k . If you have budget than you go to buy side loaded washing machine but you need to spend approx 25 k if you really want a good side loaded washing machine . 

It’s has 6.5 kg capacity means best for 5 to 6 member family not for big family . 

It’s Wheel Spinning is approx 740 rpm . 

It’s have also 2 year warranty but the main point is it has 10 years motor warranty . 

Now we are going to tell you about our another selection hope you like our selected washing machine . If you any quarry than always mail us our team always ready to help you . One thing we say if you have any negative thought about our selection than you say our team by mail we always try to improve our any bed habit for you . 

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